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What do you do when your company has outgrown your website and online marketing campaigns?

A successful web presence means having the flexibility to respond fast to changes in the market and get your message out there in the way you want it to be heard.

Many current solutions force you into using multiple platforms which take considerable time and effort to integrate – efficiency drops and, critically, you can end-up losing control and accountability for your online presence.

Good News! 
We created Lunteer to solve this very problem. The Lunteer platform was built with online marketing front and center. Lunteer reignites the spark in your online presence to enable effective digital marketing!

The Lunteer experience starts with an easy to use website builder and includes as standard integrations with the major marketing platforms. No more worries about technical updates; landing page solutions; outdated software and vital tracking codes. Lunteer has it all built in. Lunteer offers full accountability and control ensuring that your company’s online asset are up to date, secure and running incredibly smoothly. 

Allowing you to focus on growing your business – without the pain!

The Lunteer Team

Kalman Labovitz

CEO & Founder 

Kalman has been an online marketing specialist for over 12 years. He specializes in SEO and SEM and has worked with Fortune 500 Companies including ebay, Viacom and 1800Flowers. Kalman created Lunteer to solve the pain points that many SMBs and enterprises face when looking to launch and manage active marketing campaigns.

Steven Hesse

CTO & Co-founder 

Steven is a veteran of the User Interface / User Expereince (UI/UX) process, and has dedicated his energies to supporting the vision of the Lunteer platform. Shahar combines a background in interface design and development to achieve robust and stunning looking websites and apps that are truly usable cross platform.

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